Best option for Multiple Identicle WebCams (USB)

I wanted to upgrade to Studio from XP, but when I tried it I got NOTHING.

Turns out it is a Know BUG that studio won’t work with multiples of the Same camera. I bought a box of cameras to make life simple. They work Great with XP, but not studio.

What is the best option for using multiples of the same USB WebCam’s??
(I only need two sources so free works)

Is WebCam7 better than XP??


As mentioned in a reply to your mail it’s NOT a bug. Netcam Studio focus on IP cameras and if USB cams use the same driver it will not work. However, if you only use two usb cams one cam can use the original driver and one cam can use a generic driver or naybe a different version. Configure that in the Device Manager.