Best Simple Wide Angle Camera?

I want a camera that is simple to manage with a wide angle of view.

When I say simple, I mean one that I can connect to via a self-served web page without having to install a bunch of extra software (I’m looking at you Foscam) and without being directed towards a particular cloud solution.

Both D-Link and Netgear seem useful - but has anyone got any suggestions?

Settled on the Foscam C1 as a cheap and valid Wide Angle Camera.

I agree - I have started replacing my DCS932/934 with Foscam C1. I have never gotten any of my cameras audio working in NetCam but I don’t seem to need it.

Since 2013 DLink cameras started to be good but avoid any older model. At least i’m really happy at the DCS2332 for its price (stable, highly compatible, Web Interface is good and works on OSX as well).

Anyway I will never recommend a Foscam…

If you have budget, go for Axis or Panasonic cameras depsite the Web Interface of Panasonic is pretty average… It’s super stable and you never lose connection or need to restart them.

What’s the Foscam issue? Just curious…

Same models not being compatible with the same templates / url over time (depends on firmware usually), not stable at all (requires rebooting from time to time) + awfully big and unconvenient for a pretty bad quality.

Maybe not all of them but I have 3 different models and they are all horrible (FI9805, FI9804, FI8904).

So far the C1 is pretty good - but I hear what you’re saying.

The C1 has been excellent and I do have audio in my recordings since I started using RTSP. I have 6 Foscam C1 cameras recording on motion. Maintaining 7 days using less than 30GB.