Best way to reduce live streaming bandwidth

I currently have six cameras streaming live video over the web and everything works great, except it consumes a tremendous amount of bandwidth on my gigabit network. e.g. it lowers SMB speed from my NAS from 110 MBPS down to 67-70 if I have one or two windows open

I’ve discovered that if I use jpeg as the type, and increase the , 40) in the html to ,1200) so it does not refresh very often, I can significantly reduce the consumption and impact on my other traffic.

It seems like even though I’m resizing all six camera to fit on one webpage, it is streaming them at full 1080p resolution - so my question is:

  • what is the best balance of lowering my bandwidth and quality?
  • is there a way to streaming at a lower resolution?

I’ve tried the html generated from both the .mpeg and .jpeg options. Again, everything works great when the delay is set to 40, I have the CPU, ram, etc at the server end, just trying to lower my traffic footprint and find the sweet spot - so far I can only improve via increase the refresh.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas!

For each user account there is s parameter for maximize use of bandwidth. Use same account for all cams or setup an account for each cam.
There is no resolution conversion in NCS since that use a lot of cpu power and the result is not that good. However, most cams deliver several streams or a main stream and a sub stream with a high and low resolution respectively. So add the different streams to NCS and use low resolution for the web site.
So what works best of high resolution with low bandwidth or low resolution with a high bandwidth that´s something to test.

Those ideas should help ( especially the multiple streams at cam level, I didn’t realize that but worth exploring ), thanks so much! :grinning:

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