Black screen or logout information when a camera is offline

Hello, Is it possible to display a black screen or logout information when a camera is offline? Currently I have the last image displayed and if I am not careful, I have the impression that everything is fine while the camera is no longer working.

Hi Maurice,
First you have a clock that is running where you can discover if this happens. Second you can set a rule in the Rule manager that sends you a mail if the contact between NCS and a camera is lost. I use a rule and find it very useful.

Hi Henrik,
Thank you for your response.

I had the same problems. Yesterday I saw, that this has been already fixed in V1.6.2.
The problem is, that the main / download page provide V1.6.1 as current version, which is wrong! You’ll find V1.6.2 in the changelog of this forum.

Thanks for the assistance, I forgot that!