Blob/face/person OpenCV detection problem

Hi, I can’t use Blob/Face/Person detection. In log i see:

MotionDetector:ImageReceived Error in Image Processing for Motion Detection Exception Detail:Inicializační metoda typu OpenCvSharp.CPlusPlus.NativeMethods vyvolala výjimku.

Do I need install some special library or something?


Normally no, it should only need Visual C++ redist 2013 which should be anyway installed when you install Netcam Studio.

What operating system are you using ?

Windows 7 pro, 64bit, Visual C++ redist 2013 installed.
Netcam Studio 32-bit

You can try downloading Dependency Walker and open opencv_core2410.dll located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Netcam Studio.

I should highlight if anything is missing. But on w 7 pro 64 I see that the only dependency is this visual c++ redist:

Please also do for Moonware.OpenCV.dll and post similar screenshots here.

Hmm, i now see why. MSVCP110.DLL corresponds to redistributables for VS2012 and not for VS2013 like the rest of Netcam Studio (MSVCP120.DLL).

So most likely you also need to installl VS 2012 Redist 32-bit.


the same dll files and some other… Maybe I need to install some other Visual C++ redist…


Don’t know how comes but seems to be a problem on my side while packaging. A version using VC2013 redist exists but it seems that i’ve packaged the wrong one.

Thanks, I will instal it.
Thanks for this good software too and don’t forget to add VS 2012 to requirements :slight_smile:


I won’t add it to the requirements but will look forward to fix this asap.

From what i see the 64-bit build doesn’t have the problem.