Bosch NWC-495 camera URL link issue


I have a Bosch NWC-495 connected by using URL http://luser:password@IP/snap.jpg?JpegSize=XL I got the image and I can record it but the image is only refreshing ones every 10 seconds, if I use the link in VLC it does the same. When opening the NCS live feed I see the FPS changing but the picture only refresh about every 10 seconds. If I use the direct IP in IE it shows a live stream without interruption. I know this is probably using MPEG-4
What am I doing wrong?

Is there no possibility to use MPEG steaming on NCS with this camera? I did try different options and settings but it seems it doesn’t like this compression. I’m more than happy to work with the JPG option if the frame rate would be normal. I did set all frame rate options to 30.

Hi Joseph,
Hm, this was a difficult camera. First, I am not sure which camera it is. Is it NWC-0495-10p? Please, give me a link to the correct model.
The URL above to the camera delivers jpg images in a steady, but slow pace. The pace of the delivered images are most likely set in the configuration of the camera. So check if that can be changed.
When you connect to the camera http://ip you use the built in web server in the camera and when the camera stream back to your browser it probably use mjpeg.
According to the specifications (if I have the correct model) it delivers MPEG-4 and M-JPEG. So as quite often the million dollar question is what is the correct URL?
What do the manual say? Also, check in the configuration of the camera. Sometimes you have the answer there.
I found this in camera manual

Check in the camera what is selected and change that to mpeg4.
Check also if the camera transmitt in TCP or UDP.

I have done some searching. Some suggestion for the xxxx can be:
I found this for Bosch

I also found this

The camera seems to be a couple of years old so this is what I can do right now.

Good luck,

Hi Hendrik,

Thanks for you quick response. The camera in question is indeed the Bosh NWC-0495-10p. The documents you pointed me out to I also found. I already tried the RTSP options but no success. I will try your suggestions. I will keep you posted.


Hi Henrik,

JPEG frames are coming through now. I did not set the correct stream type in the camera config inside NCS :blush: It was set for MPEG and not JPEG. Still strange that NCS doesn’t accept the MPEG-4 compression or is that a misunderstanding my side.

I did use the standard URL http://luser:password@IP/snap.jpg?JpegSize=XL


Hi Jos,
Excellent. Small details, but important ;).
For mpeg4, did you set both the stream:_type in NCS and Encoder Settings in the camera to mpeg4? If the stream is correct NCS have no problems to decode.