[Bug Report] NCS Client - Rule Manager

I noticed two things during my work with Rule Manager:

  1. It appears as if in Rule Manager, the check boxes to enable/disable rules are NOT clickable (although it is described as this in the manual). I can switch a rule’s state only if I open its dialog - after that, the check box will show the correct value/status, but it can NOT be used to change it.

  2. Rules DO NOT SURVIVE the server’s reboot :frowning:
    I just checked it gaain , I changed some rules and rebootet the server. My own rules have disappeared, and the disabled default rules are active again… Or is this a restriction of the free edition?

1.you are correct. A new manual on the way.
2.if you have ncs running and the computer just reboot these settings are lost. This issue was up for some time ago, but I do not remember how it ended. I ask @Steve to respond to that.

But this would be a bug, I guess.

I even closed the client - same result :frowning:
Is there ANY way now to keep my settings?

(I don’t want to start my server over and over again, so what about:
Stop the service, reboot, start the service? Will my settings be persistent then?)

I just tested it anyway: Stop the service, and reboot afterwards DOES keep my settings :slight_smile:
After that, I may reboot and keep my seetings even with running service.

(I did NOT try out stopping and restarting the service before reboot - but I would assume this to work, too.
As a programmer myself, I can imagine that the settings simply are only stored persistently once the service stops… Ok, so we have a workaround - but it might be a good idea to repair that anyway…)

If you stup/start the service or Exit ncsx it all works fine. This is the normal procedure.

Now really - do you tell me that it is a feature.

  • Change the settings and end that dialog with “Ok”: settings are used, but if PC is rebooted the settings are lost
  • Change settings and restart the service: settings will be saved for next PC reboot
    … and IF this is normal and planned behaviour, it should be definitely described in the manual… which it isn’t.