Bug with scheduler on Source Ordering list view


Come across an issue with the scheduler in 1.1.9 and 1.2.0 (x64).

From the “Sources Ordering” tab, right-clicking on any source and selecting “Scheduler” will bring up either the previously viewed source’s schedule, or (if you haven’t looked at any schedules yet) a blank schedule window (with no source in the title bar)

e.g. I loaded the client and went straight to scheduler on Sources Ordering:

Or if I’ve previously viewed a schedule via the normal “view” screen (I right-clicked on source 19):

None of it is critical really as I can get at the scheduler through the viewing window.

I’ve had to put the screenshots as links as it won’t let me embed images as a new user.



Hi @Alex !
Thanks for reporting. This is fixed now, will be included in the next release.