Cam works locally, but not from outside


Hi! im having a strange problem, and i was hoping you could help me.

So, i have a couple of Foscam Fi9816P, a model that is not supported by the software. I tried with similar models on it, and i found that when i run the netcam studio on the same network, the cameras work perfectly (RSTP + PTZ) with the model FI9821W V2. But… When i use the software server from outside the network, it doesn’t work :S. It works on manual RSTP, and other models jpg, or rstp, but, i cant find a way to get the rstp+ptz working from there.

So, what could it be?? You may ask why i want to have the server from outside, it’s cause im trying to build a site where parents could view the cameras of a kindergarten, but the network of the kindergarten would not hold more than 1 user, so trying to make one connection from my remote network to stream to parents.

Sorry for bad english. Regards.


I Cristobal!
This is always tricky. Most likely it is a port that must be opened in the router. Foscam usually use port 88 for the rtsp traffic. A quick search gives that port 8090 is used for PTZ, but I am not sure. So test and forward that port also.


Henrik, thanks for the support.

Well i did what you say, and forwarded another ports also, just in case, but nothing. Cant get it work over RSTP on that model. But, i notice that when it’s set in JPG, PTZ works over the web client, just with the http and rstp port forwarded. So seems that is just the RSTP stream in that model that doesnt want to work externally. Maybe other ports, but i dont know… i tried with 1200, 1201, 8090, 888, 88 already. (1200 and 1201 are http and rstp ports manually configured).

PTZ controls just shows in the server when its rstp? I didn’t expect the controls to only show in the web client. Maybe, i could try with others models in the web client.

Edit: I make it work! ahaha model FI9831w. Im not sure if audio is working, but i dont care. RSTP stream and PTZ works over the web client. I dont understand why if ptz works over web client, doesn’t show on the server itself. Just for future references, it works just with RSTP and HTTP ports forwarded.

Thanks for the help! Regards


Excellent job! It is a lot of testing and sometimes it works. If you use the web client then it is port 8100 to the NCS server. There you have video and audio if you chose LIVE and also then PTZ.
Good luck with the rest and hope the parents will be happy ;).