Camera image corrupted

Hi everyone,

we are experiencing a problem with the Netcam studio software: the image of one camera frequently gets corrupted. Part of the image is cut off and then part of the image is displayed again, like in the example shown below. After a little while it disappears, the it comes back again etc.etc. What could be causing this issue?

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Since it has been working before what changed?
Usually these bit errors depends on low signal strength if using wifi.
See what happens if you use a lower resolution or FPS from the camera.
It can also be that the camera is setup to use communication protocol with udp which do not use error correction. Go to the tab for Custom URL and if stream type is set to rtsp_udp change that to rtsp_tcp.

Thanks for your suggestions. Currently, the stream type is set to JPEG. The cameras are wired to the network, not by WIFI. Here are the other settings of that particular camera:

This problem has started abut two weeks ago, nothing was changed to the camera or the PC that hosts the Netcam Studio software and web server.

That´s a DVR not a camera. You need to check the config between the camera and the DVR.