Camera not displaying image, weird message

I am running Netcam 1.2.7 x64 and I am setting up a new camera HIKVISION DS-2CD2332-I. I have set up 6 of these cameras, 4 display perfectly no issue and the other 2 give no display …only these error messages in netcamstudio ‘no video stream to display’ or ’ Parameter not valid’. All cameras are setup the same, same firmware.

Forgot to mention, additionally it displays the camera in ‘Source view’ but not as a single view. See the images I have uploaded down below.

I have contacted support but no answer in over 1 week, what is NetCam Studios turnaround on support emails?

Over 2 weeks and no reply, Bad support NetCam. Does anyone have a direct email I can use as they are not responding to the contact form?

All emails are answered, please look in your spam box.
If a request is related to an error, or to include cameras, always ask for customers waiting the time necessary for work.
We have a large list of customers and cameras to test in the program.
The support is by email, please Contact US whenever you need.