Camera not in list/unsupported foscam FI9853EP

Support told me to post here, I have this model foscam but is not in list, It does work using an alternative model but is very slow like 1 frame per second, if that in 720p mode.

Hi Tony,

Well, it seems to be your lucky day then :slight_smile: I did some searching and I suggest the following:

  1. add the camera using the tab Custom Source,
  2. set stream type to rtsp_tcp
  3. in Address use one of the following URL´s
    rtsp://username:password@IPnumber:88/videoMain This should give you 720p and max fps
    rtsp://username:password@IPnumber:88/videoSub This gives you VGA…

I would very much like you to test the following. Maybe the camera support the ONVIF standard. Can you test to add the camera using the tab for ONVIF source. Search for the camera and if it find it enter username/password and continue. If it doesn´t find the camera it do not support ONVIF. I am just interested to know for future references.

Please report back how it goes,

Thanks Henrik, that worked fine, I tested the ONVIF option following your instructions and yes it did show up as IPC-model (http port 888 if that helps)

Excellent, thanks for reporting back,