Camera not supportet - Interlogix UVD

is it possible to use other camera drivers, for supporting Interlogix UVD-IP-XP4DNR-4VA2, IP Rugged Dome Camera, I cant find any Interlogix camera in Netcam system, can someone help me

I cannot find the specifications for exactly that camera, but all modern IP cameras support the standard ONVIF today for easy connection between cameras and software. If the cameras do not support ONVIF do not buy that camera or check if there is an upgrade of firmware that support ONVIF. This is especially important fro PTZ cameras.
So when adding the camera to Netcam Studio use the tab for ONVIF Source.
If that do not work we need to find the Custom URL address rtsp://xxxxxxxxxxxx for the camera.


Hi Henrik, thanks for helping me, well I tried to add the camera with Netcam Studio using the tab for ONVIF Source, but it doesn’t work, only can find it with LAN, this is a older Net camera, I have several of them, so I would like to use them if possible, ok about Custom URL, then I will forward print screen from camera, hope to here from you soon


OK, that´s why no onvif.
This part in the figure below starting with rtsp://xx is very interesting.

If you start VLC and enter that URL do you get the video?
If so enter the same URL in NCS in the tab for Custom URL together with stream typ set to rtsp_tcp or rtsp_udp what happens?

In NCS Custom URL you must use the format