Camera Pipcam 8 not in the drop down list - use ONVIF

I have pipcam 8 from pyleaudio but its not in the drop down list any

this link is for the web site i did get the camera working just not with netcam studio software can anyone help me out.

Hi Trevor,
If it is this camra,-with-H264-MJPEG-Video,-P2P-Network,-SD-Card-Reader,-Image-Capture,-Video-Recording,-Built-in-Microphone-and-Speaker-for-Surveillance-Security-Monitoring,-Software-Included it says that it support the ONVIF standard in the manual of the camera.

In NCS add a new camera using the tab for ONVIF Source. If the camera really support ONVIF you should see in the discovery.


I dont see in the dropdown i did find from the camera in the onvif under lan section but I still cant get working.

It is not in the dropdown list. There are so many cameras on the market today so it is impossible to handle all. Therefore, started camera manufacturers and others a standardization on how to connect devices like IP cameras to different types softwares. According to the manual this camera support onvif and it should be no problem adding it to NCS using the tab ONVIF Source. However, we have noticed that even if they say onvif it is not always true especially for the PTZ part. Add it like this

If the camera support ONVIF it should be there when clicking on Browse. Do you see that camera here?

I checked the manual and the onvif port is set to 3600 which might be the problem. Go into the configuration of the camera and change the onvif port to 80 and see if that works better. Reboot the camera.


If not check if the camera use the latest firmware.

Alternative is to add the camera using the tab Custom URL.
Set stream type mjpeg and use the address
That should give you video, but no audio and no PTZ.

Another alternative is to download the program ONVIF manager and find the URL like rtsp://… and add the camera using the tab Custom URL. That should give you video and audio, but no PTZ.