Camera Placement, Dust and Attic Vents

I mounted my first camera this weekend and have NCS up and running. I’ve noticed a lot of false positives at night. When I watch the video sometimes it looks like it is snowing UP or as if there lots of bugs around the camera. It’s currently close to 9 degrees here, so it’s not bugs. I am not in Australia, so it snows DOWN here.

I think my problem may be the camera placement. I mounted my camera under the eave of the house.

*Note: I can’t get the picture to rotate. It’s upside down. Sorry about that.

I have venting in his part of the eave that allows air to flow up into the attic and out the ridge vent. I think dust and small particles are getting lifted on an air current. I think it’s these dust particles causing the false positives. I am going to work on tweaking the motion settings to see if I can avoid this problem, but I am thinking I may need to block a small portion of this venting.

If it is during night time the IR Led is probably on. Bugs love the IR and gather around the camera which gives a lot of detection. If not bugs the particles in the air reflects the IR light back into the camera and the movements triggers the motion detection. So it depends on the air velocity if you can separate that from what you want to detect. A solution is often to separate the IR light from the camera where the angle of reflection changes.
Nice camera. What is it?

This cam is a HikVision bullet, about $100 US on I have one of the dome’s as well but I have not set that up yet. I am hoping to get that done this weekend.

The image quality is fantastic.

I also bought a Hikvision 4MP for a couple of months ago and I agrree about the image quality, very good. I am testing it at different resolutions and at varying bit rates. Running at 4MP and 20 FPS takes its resorces.

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