Camera purchase advise

I could do with some purchase advise, and more background than the supported camera list.

The camera will be used indoors to register church services.

Must-haves are that the camera needs to be stable and very good supported by Netcam Studio. It also must have HD and PTZ with at least 10x optical zoom, RTSP, Audio line-in, ability to fully hide any on-screen displayed text, and at least 2 years purchase guarantee,

Like to have’s are: very speedy ptz, very acurate positioning

I’m not really sure about the maximum budget, but as an indication: it has to replace a broken Huisun IPCX-SCB405IP-V10-PAA camera that we purchased in China for € 180,-. this was deemed a ‘just a try-out’.

Thanks for all advise!

Yes, the supported list is far from complete. There is a new website on the way :slight_smile: Especially, now when the new version 1.4.3 support onvif and onvif ptz the number of cams have drastically increased.

Excellent specification list. I will not recommend any brand since there are so many out there. What I will say for NCS is that the camera must support ONVIF and also ONVIF PTZ! Many manufacturer say onvif, but that does not always include onvif ptz. So buy a camera from a store where you can get good support. Talk to them before purchase that the camera must support onvif PTZ. Lately many manufacturers have upgraded the firmware to the cameras to support onvif ptz.

So with this demand list I would really recommend to buy from a store with good support.