Cameras freezing on NCS and low frame rate recordings

Frequently, a few of the cameras become stuck and I need to re-enter the credential to get reseponse from the camera. I run NCS as a background service, so in order to do re-enter credentials, I need to close the process from the task manager, open the program manually, re-enter credentials, then restart the entire computer so that NCS runs as a background service again. This is a pretty inconvenient solution. Is there a faster way or more efficient way to re-enter credentials or reset an individual camera? Also, the frame rate is pretty bad for my recordings, it says up to 25 fps on the application, but I average closer to 5-15 fps, which is basically a slide show. I’m running NCS on a pretty modern PC with a nvidia 3070 and i9 processor. I believe its up to par, but overall I havent been very satisified with how everything is running. Its a pretty scuffed setup at this point…any suggestions?

Start/Stop the NCS Service in Services. Connect to NCS Service with the Windows client.
NCS Service and NCS X Server cannot run at the same time.
First check the cpu load in the task manager. There you can also see if the GPU is working. Using GPU must be configured in settings for NCS.
Low fps 5-15 fps I assume Live view. Check cpu load.
In the forum you have more posts about how to improve this.