Cameras not available to add so I don't get audio from URL or ONIVF

Email support asked me to post in this forum. The Cameras in question are as follows:

Foscam FI9800P (currently use ONIVF)
Amcrest IP3M-943 (currently use url mjpeg)
Amcrest IP2M 841 (currently use url mjpeg)
Dlink 2132L (currently use url mjpeg)


The Dlink does offer a RTSP template so try this. I have the DCS-2332 (similar for outdoor) which i use with audio 24/7.

For the Foscam, if over Onvif you don’t get audio then probably there is no way to get audio since by default it should already redirect you to its RTSP stream.

As for the Amcrest, maybe @Henrik can investigate further if it’s possible to connect them over RTSP.

According to Amcrest both cameras are ONVIF. But that do not work?
There is already a template for Amcrest IP3M-943 using rtsp for high res. video. That camera do not have audio and no PTZ.
Amcrest IP2M 841 is with PTZ and audio and therefore it would be great if it works with onvif. If not, use the same template as earlier to get the rtsp stream which now should include video and audio, but not PTZ.

2 weeks ago Amcrest 943 was solved How connect to Amcrest IP3M-943

EDIT: For Amcrest IP2M 841 make sure you have the latest firmware in the camera.


Using the D-Link 2330 template I get video but no audio…

The Amcrest 943 won’t ever connect just times out using the template that is there. But the stream URL works without audio.