Cameras not connecting

Our power went out and now the cameras are not connecting. I restarted the modem and router and nothing. This happens every time the power goes out and I have to call and pay the it guy to fix it. Can someone tell me what to do so I can save my money?

NCS must be running. Router and modem must be ok since you have video from some cameras. There are 42 cameras so it might take some time to connect to them all from NCS depending on cpu? Are all cameras on motion detection or do you just view the cameras? What do the Event viewer say? Check in menu top left.
Finally, ask the it guy what he is doing.
I also suggest a no-break for the computer.

the IT GUY is probably not using static Ip addresses fir the cameras so the router changes them everytime the power goes out.

Am pretty sure

Sounds like the cameras are using dynamic IP addresses. Check the settings for each camera individually (on the camera itself, and not in NCS) to ensure their IP’s are fixed.