Camera's randomly locking up


One problem after the other after switching over from webcam 7. But just a learning curve I have to go through after switching over.

Next problem I have is that my camera’s randomly lock up. They screen freezes in netcam studio and finally it disconnects. To resolve this I have to reboot the camera.

Any suggestions? So far I tried to reduce frame rate to reduce traffic.



Strange number of problems. Sorry, but the last thing with the email motion detection makes me a little worried since these rules are there and enabled by default. So, why gone? Maybe, a clean installation where everything set to default might solve this also?
Using wifi?
What do the Event log say?


Hi Henrik,

Apologies for having all these questions. I wiped the install and did a clean new one. If a camera locks up again I will look in the log file.



Hi Henrik,

Up and running without camera’s disconnecting for over 12 hours now. Keeping my fingers crossed. BTW when I did a clean install I went from the 64 bit to the 32 bit version.



2 days without a locked normally happens within a day. I think we can mark this as resolved.