Cameras Settings only save when closing app

I added 2 new cameras and made changes to a third one. Then I left the system running. A few hours later the app became unresponsive and I had to force kill the task. When I re-opened the app, the changes where lost.

To test, I re-added, then closed the app gracefully. When I reopened, the changes I made where there. This leads me to believe that when I make changes, they’re only saved when the app is closed. This is a significant problem, since the app does occasionally crash on me.

This is on NetCamStudio Server v 1.5.1

Hi Elliot and welcome to the forum.

I checked that and the behavior you describe is correct. Did you have the same problem in earlier versions of NCS?

Second problem is why it crashes. It this also new for NCS 151 or did you have this in earlier versions also? NCS is very stable and this is actually new to me, but it is always a first. Can you describe when this happens? Check also the log file what is going on when it stop to respond. Is it the GUI or is it the whole application?


Yes, I’ve had this problem in previous versions.

As far as the crash goes, I’d have occasional “lock ups” where NetCamStudio wouldn’t respond when in full screen mode and the only thing I could do with the computer was power cycle it (wouldn’t even respond to a ctrl-alt-delete).

It seems like this has gotten worse in the new version, 3 times today, in fact.

3 times today! What cpu, OS and how much ram? Is it the 32 or 64 bit version?
For me it seems that it might need more ram.

Next release will save settings every time a camera is added or removed as well.

Henrik can you please check with Elliott to obtain log files when the software locks so that was can have a look at what the software is doing at this time. Also didn’t hear about locking issues for quite some time so this seems strange but we’ll probably figure out.

What features are in use (motion, recording, …) and what type of video sources do you use ?

Thanks for fixing the saving issue next release. That’s been annoying me for a while.

You guys have my email address. Reach out to me there and I’ll send you whatever logs you need. The crashing is clearly worse this release. I haven’t watched it closely to know exactly when it does, because, well, the reason I bought your software was because I was unhappy with the stability of your competitor and I don’t have time to :slight_smile:

I’m using 12 IP cameras, a mix of pretty old Panasonics and newer DLinks. I have motion detection set on all cameras, and set to record (to local HD) on motion trigger.

3 of the cameras are on a local network, the rest are spread out all over the internet.

If you need more info, just ask. Feel free to be geeky… I’m one of you! :slight_smile:

Yes, I really like to know this first.

Do you have any antivirus program installed? The one called AVG has not been so nice to NCS in the past.

Well so far I have the feeling you’re the first and only one experimenting these freezes with the new 1.5.1

In general did you observe different behaviours with your cameras with this release compared to previous release? More reconnections, strange errors reported.

Can you please take a screenshot of the performance graph in the web client and paste it here just to see if it seems stable or increasing the consumption of something ?

For the logs it would be great if you can upload them somewhere (drobox, google drive) and either post them here or if you don’t want to share them widely, just pm Henrik and me with them as soon as you have the problem next time (but ensure to enable logging to file already so that netcam studio will trace activity to file).


Sorry for the multiple replies, I guess I’m too new to post multiple images in a single post :slight_smile:

No AV at all (uninstalled it because I suspected it was causing problems).

I’ve enabled event and session logging. Next crash, I’ll send them to you.

I have the PC that’s running NCS hooked up to a large TV and I use that to monitor things real time. Is that UI is consuming more resources than just running the web ui full screen?

You have to be more specific because that UI can be either Netcam Studio X or Netcam Studio Client so first thing is to which client are you referring ?

Also none of the above screenshot is what we asked for.

The screenshots where a reply to what OS, antivirus and NCS version I was running.
You told me the screenshot wasn’t what I you asked for, then you asked for information that was in the screenshot I provided. :wink:

As the screenshot I provided shows, it’s Netcam Studio X (64 bit).

It’s crashed a few times since then. If you give me somewhere to send the logs and the location of the logs I’ll send them to you.

One thing I noticed when looking at the event logs was that I had a lot of exceptions related to audio. I guess the cameras didn’t support audio and I had that checked. I went and unchecked that option on all cameras since I don’t need to record audio anyway. It’s only been a few hours, but it hasn’t crashed yet. Do you think that could have been the problem?

Steve and I was asking for different things which made it difficult for you, sorry! But, now we have something to search in. The audio thing looks interesting. Can you give us name of a couple of templates that you unchecked audio on so I can check how they looks. In one of the first posts you mentioned that you the these crash problem with a competitor which made reflect that it might be either something with the computer or it might be something with the cameras.

Let it run for some time and see how it goes. Do you have a Dropbox where we can pick up the log files?


Yes, sorry i didn’t read requests from Henrik and I was really interested in seeing the performance charts.

Now you’re 2 in this situation and for the other user it also seems to be audio related somehow (couple of Audio Codec not found errors) so i suppose we are going somewhere :slight_smile:

Is that the error you have as well ? Do you know the type of audio the camera provides, is it also G711 ULAW ?

Can you put your logs on

Select the link option when uploading.

Apparently and after checking closer it seems that we do not have anymore the G711 codec in our ffmpeg distribution and this is probably the reason.

Looking forward to fix this asap.

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Thanks Steve!

Where are the log files saved so I can send them to you?