Cams not showing



Resolution is changed in the camera. Enter the configuration of the csmera and you will find some menu for this. It depends on the camera. Either the camers can stream in only one channel and then you chnge the resolution for this. Or the camera can stream in several channels in different resolutions. So check in the camera and also how you connect it to NCS; Template, onvif or custom url.


Did all that. Per your advice I lowered the resolution. Should I have it be onvif or custom? ALso going to get a quadcore server to run it on monday and going to beef up my bandwidth.


If you can see the resolution change of the video in NCS then onvif or custom url is not important. A quad core and more speed is a good idea. NCS is not heavy on RAM so 4 GB is fine. A regular HD is also fine.
What camera do you have?
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Laggy and return link

When you change computer the license for NCS will not work on the new computer. Go to and send in details so the license can be released on the license server. In the meantime you can of cause use the full potential of NCS apart from the red banners.