Can I modify my RTSP adress?


I am working on a IP cam job. I want to change my RTSP URI. I’m using ONVIF and I get RTSP adress with GetStreamURI SOAP REQUEST. But I can’t change this adress. For example my adress is “rtsp://localhost/channel2” but I want change it “rtsp://localhost/mystreamstring” . So can I do it with ONVIF? Or can I create another stream profile like this?


Hi! If the ONVIF “system” reports back that the camera communicates on channel2 that is what you have to use in the rtsp in your software. If you want to change channel2 into mystreamstring you have to check the configuration of the camera. In my ONVIF compliant cameras that cannot be changed and that´s also the idea with ONVIF to standardize the communication. If you find a way, please report back.


Correct. Like @henrik adviced, either change your camera settings (if it allows to do so), or don’t use ONVIF. Just enter RTSP address manually in “Custom URL” tab.