Can not connect with Client

I’m able to run NetCam Studio X, and perform maintenance such as adding cameras and adding accounts.

And I’m able to run NCS Service, and access it via web browser. I’m unable to perform the maintenance tasks, such as adding cameras through the web interface.

But I can’t get my NCS Client to connect… not on the PC running NCS Service, nor from any other PC.

I’ve tried…
LANIP:8090 (that’s the port I’m using for web and works with browsers)

Same thing if I stop the service, and run NCS X, and try to connect to that using other PCs or web browsers… I can connect with a web browser but not the client.

Just tested with port 8090 and there are 3 config files that you must change in from port 8100 to 8090.

The I can connect with windows client to NCS Service and NCS X and of cause web client.


Thanks, can now connect. CLIENT was out of sync with the ports.

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