Can not use NAS as Library

Hi. As long I am using internal HD partitions like C and D drive as Library it store videos as expected. However, I would like to use a NAS as storage for my Library and set it up as in the picture below it will not work. I have restarted the server, clients etc, but it will not create folders and start store. What is wrong? FTP synchronization work to the same NAS, but that is something different. -Henrik

OK, since no answer a NAS will probably not be considered as a local library? Today, there is a Retention Period that can be chosen for the local Library. Since the NAS have much more space and secure I would like to store videos there for a longer time. Then I would also like to have a Retention time for the stored videos on the NAS. Today, there is a check box for Clean Synchronized Items Only. If I mark that box will the Retention Period only be valid for the Synchronized Items on my NAS?

Sorry for all my questions, but I do like this program and hopefully contribute to make it even better! Yes, I have now bought a license for 16 cams ;).

Normally, this should work.

Maybe try to assign a letter to the UNC path and map it locally as X:\ and then use X:… as folder.

This is however considered only if the connection with NAS is very stable. We don’t know how the software will behave when the network path is not available.

I did that and some other test, but same result. No folders created.
I changed to another folder on the internal D drive and the folders were created immediately. You write “Normally, this …” However, after some years in the business we all know that there are no “normally” when it comes to computers ;). So if you can please check this on your side as well it would be appreciated.

It was working a few version ago since it was specifically requested by a customer so I know that it used to work.

On our end nothing changed in this area but yes I will try to make a few additional tests…