Can We connect smart phone camera by Netcam Studio Smart Camera or IPWebcam apps using mobile data and not by wifi

I am trying to connect Netcam Studio Smart Camera app in my phone(ip-10.107.xx.xx:8080) through mobile data with Netcam Studio X in my desktop which has network connection through ethernet (ip:172.16.24.xx). When I test connection ,it there any way to connect in the scenario when the user can take videos from phone/tab via mobile data and another person can see those in server or client application in laptop/desktop having network connection through LAN or WiFi.

Through mobile data there are 99% chances that it won’t work since almost all data provider are blocking / preventing your mobile subscription to act as server.

Only exception is to have a special contract / agreement with your mobile ISP, other than that it will only work if the phone is connected over wifi on the same network than NCS.

ok. :pensive: then It wont be wise to use Netcam studio as it doesn’t meet my requirements.I really liked NetCam Studio

I am not giving up that easy ;). Today that are many Apps that stream video from a cellphone. Since it is over a data network it must have an IP number and maybe it can be connected to NCS. The problem might be if the IP number is changed then the connection with NCS also is lost. This is just an idea.

It will only work if the phone is actually “pushing” the data, this is what the apps you refer to are doing…