Cannot connect Sricam since update

Since the update to 1.5 (and 1.5.2) I have been unable to add one of my cameras. it is SP0015 and was not the easiest to connect before. I can connect to the camera using anycam which gives me the http address, I copied this as i had with the previous version however it continually tells me that connection failed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

If it is this camera according to the specifications it support the ONVIF standard. So when you add the camera use the tab ONVIF source. Search for the camera. If it support onvif NCS will find it. Enter logins and connect.

Hi Henrik,

Thank you for this, Yes it does support ONVIF. I find the camera via IP add the login password and search. This then finds 2 main streams and 2 sub streams, but whichever I choose it shows connection failed. That is why I also tried the adding via URL as I know it connects this way on Anycam. I know its not a fault with the camera as it used to work fine with Netcam until the update.

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Hm, that is usually the difficult part. Some possibilities here to check.

  1. use adding by onvif. When you have selected the main stream and saved that it shows connection failed and you get a red image. Go to the tab Custom URL. There you should have the the Stream type and the URL to the camera. Sometimes the set stream type is wrong. If the stream type is rtsp_tcp change it to rtsp_udp and test that. Or vice versa.
  2. if you have changed the user name and password to the camera use the default user name and password.
  3. can you post the URL here and I might see what it is.

Hi Henrick,

All sorted thank you, I actual reinstalled the previous versions and copied the url from there, weirdly it was because it found open port 5000 but it needed switching to 554. Thanks for all the advice, it is a fantastic piece of software and quick support answers are a bonus.

Kind regards, Nick

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