Cannot connect to FRITZ!App Cam

I just tried “for fun” to connect to my Android smartphone running “FRITZ!App Cam” (to be found here).
I can easily connect my Chrome browser by entering the URL “http://myphoneip:8080”.
But this does neither work on my webcamXP nor on my NetcamStudio (as Custom URL of course). Do I do something wrong? I guess so, but what is it? Thanks for your help!

Test if it works in VLC player. If it works there then it should work in NCS.

Otherwise we have our own Netcam Studio Model: Smart Camera app for this.

Here is more info about Android App


Hmm, neither seems to work with VLC:
If I enter the URL for my Fritz!Cam I receive an error.
Then I downloaded “Netcam Studio Smart Camera 1.2.0” to my mobile and started it.
It “seems” to connect in VLC (no error message at least), but the screen stays dark.
The same (the same nothing) happens in Chrome: I get cnnected, but see no picture.
My fault, I guess, but where could that be?

What happens when you connect it to NCS? It connects, but you get a black image there too? port is 8080
I have an older Android running version 4.4 and that version is to old for NCS Smart cam. Which Android version do you have?