Cannot enlarge video

I am using Netcam Studio X V1.2.7.0 under Windows 7 64-bit. I have connected a Sricam IP camera. I can view the video on screen using Studio X Server, but the image size is tiny - about 160x120 pixels. How can I enlarge this, or is it a limitation of the free version?

When you add the camera to NCS using a template you first select the brand and under that you have Preset / Resolution. For your cam you can select up to 640x480. If that do not help check the configuration in the camera. Sometimes, the resolution can be configured there also. This is not a limitation in the free version. Please, report back how it goes.

Henrik, Thanks for the reply. I have the
camera configured as 640x480 in Netcam Studio, but having gone into the camera
itself, I see that was set to a lower resolution. I reset the camera to 640x480
and restarted Netcam Studio. The image is larger, but now it is still only
320x240. I can’t see why the image size is being reduced. I also expected that
the image would scale to fit the size of the multi-view window. Should that be
the case? I have a 1920x1200 screen, so only a tiny proportion of the screen is
taken up by the camera image.

So far so good ;). If you are using the windows client the image is relatively small. If you point on the image and use the wheel on the mouse you should be able to zoom in/out in the image.
If view only one camera and change the resolution the image size should also change. If you use the web client the image should be very large when viewed in single view. Also, you can connect using Custom URL with http or rtsp if that will give a lager image. Some things to check ;). But using the windows client the imsge gets relatively small.

Henrick. Thanks again. I don’t have a wheel mouse. I use a trackball or the trackpad on my laptop. I don’t think that either can simulate a mouse wheel. I tried the web client as you suggested. Even in single view the image is still tiny – not much bigger than in the Windows client.

Hm, it seems that something is limiting, but where … If you connect direct to the cam from the web browser as when you changed resolution. How is the image size there?

If I use the software that came with the camera, I see a larger image. The 640x480 resolution is actually enlarged to about 770x570 to fill the window on that software’s screen.

I now have both the camera software and Netcam running at the same time, and the image on the Netcam screens (Windows client and web client) have both increased in size – though still not to the point where it will fill one section of a four camera view. The camera software must be initialising the camera in some way that Netcam is not. I really want to use Netcam though, to be able to mix camera makes and to get all its facilities. If I can get Netcam to work with this camera my intention is to buy the top version and several more cameras.

After I unload the camera software the image in Netcam shrinks again.

Strange. I would do two things.

  1. Change template/Modell to another similar camera and see what happens.
  2. Add the camera using the Custom URL instead. The URL address depends on the camera model which you do not write above.

I removed the camera, and tried it with each of the three SriCam model options. It still needs its own software running to up the resolution though.

I believe that the camera is what Netcam calls a SriCam P2P IP Camera, It came in a Generic SriCam box. The only model identification is a sticker in Chinese. It just says “IP Camera” on the camera itself. The software with it is called P2P ID Finder. It seems to work with Netcam if I say it is an “IP Camera” or a “P2P IPCAM”, but not if I use the only remaining choice of “AP001 – AP006”.

One odd thing – every time I go in to edit the video source, the brand and model are blanked out. This wasn’t happening before. Also, even though I keep turning off “Enable PTZ”, it shows as “Pan & Tilt Network Camera” in the “Sources ordering” window. I wonder if Netcam is really saving the camera parameters correctly.

Can you suggest what the custom URL should be ? I have named the camera “Camera1”.

Problems with saving of parameters: Check out that you have lastest .Net Framework 4.5.2 installed.

They have so many models, but if you look at their homepage if you can find it there.
If the cam is a 640x480 cam (not HD) test the following:

  1. When adding a new source go to Custom URL.
  2. Stream Type: MJPEG
  3. Address http://usename:password@IPADDRESS/videostream.cgi?
    or alternatively
  4. Source Name: put your “Camera 1” here.

Check also in the configuration in the camera if it says something about how to connect to it.

Now you should have the raw video stream, what the cam delivers, into NCS.

Hi Henrik,
You wre right, the problem was on the cams side config.
There are 2 parameters on the camera config for the image setting, the resolution parameter and the image quality (definition) parameter .
The default resolution parameter was ok , 720P ( 1280x720), and was ok.
But I forgot to change the quality parameter which was set to CIF (352x288) by default and which is exactly the size that I got in NCS!.
I have change this quality parameter value to D1 ( 720x526 pixels )instead of CIF and now everything is ok, I have a full screen view ion NCS!
thanks again for your help, and sorry for the inconvenience,
have a good day.

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I was going to try the last two suggestions. When I started Netcam server X I was prompted to download a new version. With the new version, the camera shows a full size image without going through any of the above configuration. I assume something has changed in the software. I did change from the 32 bit version to the 64 bit version at the same time, but wouldn’t have expected that to make a difference.

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Hi guys! Excellent, everyone is happy! Thanks for rerporting back it helps me and others. Change from 32 to 64 bit is a factor of 4 in area so of cause the image is larger ;). Have a good one!