Cannot play video: Android 12

Netcam Studio Mobile 4.5.0
I have 1 Android 8.1.0 device, and 2 Android 11 devices, all of which play any of my MP4 files properly.
My new Android 12 device, however, will only play the lower resolution (720x576) files.
If I try to play the higher res. (2560x1440) files, it dispays the video as a small, almost a thumbnail, view, with a ‘Play’ button in the centre. When I tap ‘Play’, the button changes to ‘Pause’ but immediately reverts to ‘Play’, but without actually playing anything.

Thanks for info. I have to check this.

Now having similar issue with the Android 8 device, though they do seem to play after tapping the play button several times.
The Android 12 device, though, will not play those clips at all.

After 3 weeks, is there any progress with this?

Haven’t been able to test on an Android 12 device, but something must have changed in their scaling of images.

OK, so no further response after 3 months. Recently updated to android 13. Still doesn’t work. Perhaps you could explain what use is an android app that doesn’t work on the 2 latest android versions?

If you have Android 12-13 it is not possible to download the mobile app from Playstore. If you already have the mobile app installed and upgrade to Android 12-13 it “works”, but video content is not handled correct.
It is sent to the developers.

Once more, still no sign of a solution. The same videos play perfectly well in VLC on the same device. Also Netcam plays live video correctly.
I can’t see why this should take so long to resolve other than you don’t really care.

It’s in the pipeline.

Clearly an extremely long pipline!

Can you test now. We discovered a problem in the Google Play account that might be the problem.

Still doesn’t play. Does it need to be re-installed?

Yes try to download again.

OK, I have now tried NCS with all my Android devices. With each device I have uninstalled/reinstalled NCS with the following results.

		Device Model			Android Version		Video Play?
Galaxy S5		SM-G900F		6.0.1		        YES
Galaxy Tab A8	SM-X200		    13		            NO
Galaxy A40		SM-A405FN/DS	11		            YES
Galaxy J5		SM-J530F		9		            NO
Galaxy Tab A (2016)	SM-T580		8.1.0		        NO

On the devices where videos will not play it just plays a rotating black ‘buffering’ circle on the picture.