Cannot play video: Android 12

Netcam Studio Mobile 4.5.0
I have 1 Android 8.1.0 device, and 2 Android 11 devices, all of which play any of my MP4 files properly.
My new Android 12 device, however, will only play the lower resolution (720x576) files.
If I try to play the higher res. (2560x1440) files, it dispays the video as a small, almost a thumbnail, view, with a ‘Play’ button in the centre. When I tap ‘Play’, the button changes to ‘Pause’ but immediately reverts to ‘Play’, but without actually playing anything.

Thanks for info. I have to check this.

Now having similar issue with the Android 8 device, though they do seem to play after tapping the play button several times.
The Android 12 device, though, will not play those clips at all.

After 3 weeks, is there any progress with this?

Haven’t been able to test on an Android 12 device, but something must have changed in their scaling of images.