Cannot view second camera at external IP

I have two camera’s running on Necam studio. One camera can be viewed externally. I have forwarded port 8100 and it works fine. Now i want to view this second camera also from the external IP adress. So far I did not succeed. Anybody experience with this?

Are you using the web client?

I have embedded the html script in my website and changed it to my external IP. Since one cam is already running sucessfully onvif with port 8100, I have changed the port to 8110 with the other cam. I have forwarded this port the same way as I did with port 8100, but when use portchecker tool is says “port not open” Also in McAfee I have allowed access through this port. Is port 8110 not the right one to use?

Don´t change port. It must be 8100. In the embedded code there are parameters that select the first or second camera. Change only the IP number to your public IP numer as you already have done.

many thanks Henrik, it works well. My knowledge how the server works was not good enough

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