Canon VBC60 not able to login

Unable to log into any of my Canon VBC60 PTZ network cameras. Login always fails using the Canon VBC60 model. Login works fine using the Canon VBC50 model, but no PTZ functions work. Running v1.10 firmware on Canon VBC60. any help would be greatly appreciated since I’m trying out your software prior to purchasing the full version.


Hi Tony,
This is what I found for VBC60:
The factory default setting is as follows.
User name : root
Password : VB-C60

Do you mean that when you add the VBC50 to NCS video works, but PTZ do not work? Have you tested with a template for another model?


Thanks for your quick reply, greatly appreciated.Trying to add a multiple Canon VBC60 cameras. Able to add VBC60 camera only using the VBC50 model, but PTZ functions don’t work, when trying to add using the correct VBC60 model, unable to add camera.

Lets start again. I have only Canon VBC60 network PTZ cameras. When adding a camera and using your Canon VBC60 model I’m unable to add the camera to the system, it has nothing to do with login. When adding the same camera, but this time using your VBC50 model, i’m able to add the camera, but no PTZ functions work. So the question is there seems to be an issue when trying to add a Canon VBC60 camera using your VBC60 model settings.

Thanks for more info. The predefined settings for the VBC60 and VBC50 are quite different so I need to make a more thorough investigation of what is going on. To clear things I need to have access to the camera. I send you a PM about this.