Can't access cameras via Android phone app

I’m using the free 2 camera version of Netcam Studio on my home PC and I can log in on my iPad mini via the Apple app, but using my android phone with the Android app it keeps saying the user name and or password is wrong - which it isn’t. I can log in via a browser on the android phone, but not with the actual Netcam Studio app. Why is this?


Which version of Netcam Studio Server do you run?

The new mobile app (not yet published by apple on iOS) is mainly intended for being used with our new 1.5 version however it should work as well with the previous 1.3.x version.

If you run older than this server version then you’ll have to upgrade the server side for sure.

Also verify you didn’t check the Use HTTPS / SSL for this instance because this can work only if you have configured NCS to use a certificate and run over HTTPS.

I’m using the new version -, and no, I didn’t select the HTTP/SSL option.

on the android mobile phone you also have the new version (with the new branding) ?

Anyway both old and new work the same way regarding login and both are compatible with NCS 1.5.

check from the browser on android to ensure that you can reach ncs through the web client from here and start over because there is a probably a little mistake somewhere but nothing special on our end. Everything seems to be working as expected with both desktop and mobile versions which were published yesterday.

If the user account that you use is not the admin account, start first by logging as admin on the mobile…

Steve you were correct. There was a little mistake somewhere and it wasn’t at your end. I’ve found the problem and it was such a simple error on my part.
When I was entering the server name (I use dyndns), and the user name, predictive text took over as I typed and I selected the correct predictive text, not realizing that it was expecting more text to follow and so it put a space at the end. That’s why it kept saying the user name was wrong. When I had the space at the end of the server name it just timed out before it even got to the user name.
Spaces removed - Problem solved! :slight_smile:

Ok, great.

Well cleaning white spaces is probably something that we could improve on our end however good to know that things are now working for you :slight_smile: