Can't add friendly name for cameras

When I edit video source and change the name of the camera and click on Save the dialog doesn’t disappear. The only way I can close the dialog is to hit Cancel (which obviously doesn’t save the name change).

How do we change the names of the cameras to a more friendly name??

Hi David!
This was a new one ;). I assume you mean the Source name. Does everything else works perfect? Sometimes when these things happens it might be the .NET Framework that is to old. It must be version 4.5.2 or newer.

everything else seems to be working - it just won’t let me change the source name (lower left corner when in the edit video source screen). I am running windows 10 pro and I am on dot net 4.6.1…

I figured it out Henrik. When you go back into edit video source the Brand and Model of the cameras seem to be empty. I have a mix of Hikvision/Panasonic/ACTi cameras. Only the Hikvision cameras info is blanked out. So once I selected the brand and model again it will then let me input a friendly name.



Excellent! I try to remember this.
Well then, just lay back and enjoy that friendly Netcam Studio! :wink: