Can't connect ip-camera Jooan JA-770MR-W-EU to NCS Server


Im sorry for my broken English.
If you can, help me please. I trying connect my ip-camera to NCS Server, but nothing work…
In VLC player i can see video stream and hear audio stream without problems throught rtsp link.
But NCS Server can’t connect to camera througth Custom link type RTSP_TCP…

Help please if you can!
Thanks in advance.


You can test 2 things.
-It seems that the camera support the ONVIF standard so when adding the camera use the tab for ONVIF Source. That should also give you PTZ, maybe.
-From the address above rtsp://… it is probably the port number that is missing. So write …201:554/onvif1 test also with onvif2
-Test also with stream type RTSP_UDP

Please, report back which works.



Works this -> rtsp://admin:pass@ip_address:554/onvif1
Stream type -> RTSP_UDP
Video and audio works!

Also works rtsp://admin:pass@ip_address:554/onvif2
but bad quality…

ONVIF tab not working and ONVIF dev manager show nothing when scaning…