Cant connect to Sricam SP005

I have a new network camera, an sricam sp005. I can use it with an ap on my android phone just fine, but can’t get netcam studio to connect to it. I checked the NCS manual, but there are several things that the manual says to click on that don’t exist in NCS, like the icons for local or network cameras, and the “browse” button. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Vince!
According to information about the camera it support the ONVIF standard. When adding the camera to NCS do this:

You need to know the username and password to enter the camera. Select ONVIF Profile. This will give you video/audio in NCS. It will not give you access to PTZ, unfortunately. PTZ use another communication protocol and to get PTZ a template for the camera must be added that include both video/audio and PTZ. To do that the communication stream to the camera must be analyzed. Camera manufacturers are not so willing to tell how they do this.


You are AWESOME!!! It’s up and running now. Thank you so much!