Cant get the android app to work


Sorry for being a noob, but im having trouble getting my android app to work. i have recently downloaded netcam studio x to my pc and its working fine, so i downloaded the android app so i can keep an eye on my cameras when im out.

im stuck on the first step of setting my server up!

i went onto the settings of my PC app and copied the info which i though the android app needs but i dont think im putting in the right info.

Please can somebody help?

Netcam is the best program i have found so far to monitor my camera on my PC so i would love to use it on my phone too!

Start with this guide and see if problem solves Accessing Netcam Studio remotely using Web Client or Smartphone App
When working with the smartphone make sure that if you use the LAN IP to the NCS computer the phone must be on wifi.