Can't record in 30 fps


I recently download your sofftware for testing with my 1 usb camera. But i am not able to record in 30fps

It records around 10-13 fps, its too slow, my camera is able to do 30fps, i tried it without your software

Under the settings, i have:
video quality-best
Preset - Ultrafast
frames per second
fast - 30fps

Resolution 1920-1080 30fps

But no success,

i can’t use multi-threaded decoding/Encoding option because i am using the free version, and i dont want to purchase it only to find out it doesnt change anything

if i change the resolution my fps goes up, but for some reason it cuts off the outside of the video, so my webcam screens is smaller and its no good,



We start with 4 things:
1.where do you read “It records around 10-13 fps”?
2.what CPU do you have? you run NCS as a Service or NCS X?
4.which USB camera is it, brand and model?

  1. In the bottom right corner when it is recording or in motion recording, it says the time and 13 FPS
  2. i7-5820K 3.30Ghz 6 Core
  3. I’m not sure what you mean but, I am running Netcam Studio X v
  4. ELP Full HD 1080P USB Webcam with Night Vision

my camera:


Hi and thanks for further information.
1.that number is what FPS the camera is viewed in NCS. To find the recording FPS play the file in VLC and go to Tools and then Codec information.
There you will see the recorded FPS.
2.Nice CPU. That will not be a limitation :slight_smile:
3.You probably run NCS X (the blue icon). NCS can also be run as a Service in the background which is good since you don’t have the console up. You control NCS Service with the Windows client (red icon).
4.Nice camera. Be aware of that NCS focus on IP cams and there is a limitation on the number of cameras that can be used when using USB cameras of exactly the same model.

Back to 1. That FPS number depends on many things. In Settings - Client settings you set the FPS in different viewing modes to save CPU load.



The frame rate shows 30fps in VLC

So the problem is not fps?

The problem i am having is, that when i am watching the camera, or i look at a recording, it lags,

when i see people walking or cars go by, they go very slow or it skips


Good, then that’s ok.
On my older Asus laptop with an i3 processor I am running just now on NCS X a Logitech c270 USB camera with 1280x920 pixels Single View Refresh Rate (client settings) at 30 fps
Recorded without Multithreading and to do not see this lags or jumps. If the video have these lags and jumps with many HD cameras on a slower processor I agree that Multithreading might help that, but with your cpu and one camera that should not the problem. So here are some things to check:
-these cameras are sometimes a little bit to intelligent. I my usb cam there is a setting that enables some intelligence that lowers that fps depending on the situation. I have to disable this. check in your camera also for this and other settings like auto exposure etc. that might limit bitrate, fps.
-in NCS use the single view refresh rate (white background on the video) and maximize that to 30 fps.
-Resolution 1920x1080 30fps is a lot of data traffic. What do the CPU says? In the picture above it is about 9% for my i3.
-do you use an extension cable to the camera?
-when the resolution is changed the angle of view is also changed since you use different amount of pixel on the sensor element. The largest angle of view is obtained with the highest resolution. Decrease resolution and the AoV is lower and you see less. Go from highest to lowest resolution and you will see a significant change.
-I got to the specification of the the camera on the site above and got this
Performance: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) pixels MJPEG 30fps YUY2 6fps. Make sure it runs in MJPEG.
-in recording settings if you change the video quality, any difference?

This is what I can think about just now.