Can't save locally on Motion detect with WebcamXP

With WebcamXP, I can capture an image in the gallery when motion is detected, but It does not save to my local folder (I do have it checked). It will save to the local folder if “Capture” is pressed from the “Monitor” section. Should I be able to save jpegs to a local folder when motion is detected using WebcamXP free version or do I need another version? I’m using 2 Foscam IP camers.

It does save but not in the Capture folder which is for manual capture. Pictures and Recordings that are generated automatically by the motion detection are stored in the Alerts folder.

Thank you for the reply. That’s what I was missing. VERY nice software!

I cant recording at all with webcamXP, this is my settings
(cant show my picture like new member on this forum)

Ok,no answer, have uninstall WebXcam Proo try and have a one year Ispy account instead.