Can't save motion screen mask

OK I am cheapskate, running free Netcam, and more importantly running UN Activated Windows 10.

When un activated you can not customize the taskbar i.e. autohide.

My problem is the Netcam Mask Screen config save button is under/behind the windows taskbar, and I can not save mask. Mask window will not let me move it so I can access save button.

so how can I save a mask, is there some keyboard shortcut like ctl s which i have tried, or tabing?

help please


I think the fastest solution is activating your Windows 10 :wink:

Maybe it helps by temporary changing your resolution? I tried tabbing, but the save button doesn’t seem to have a tab order associated.

Solved myself, running Windows 10 as tv setup through 32 screen had set setting > display > icon,text slide bar at 175% took this down to 150% then the mask setup screen became 12% smaller, also taskbar, then was able to see and access save button on mask config screen.