Can't save source name

I’m trying to save the source name on one of my cameras, but can’t figure out how to do it. I go into “Edit Video Source”, click on the “Source Name” text box, enter a new name, and then click “Save”. At that point, nothing happens - the dialog box stays open, with no indication that anything happened. If I click “Cancel” and come back in, the old name is still there.

I’d upload a screenshot, but as a new user, apparently I can’t.

Any suggestions?

When you click “Save” window must be closed. Please check logs for any errors.
To upload screenshots use dropbox or any other file/screen sharing service.

Here’s a screenshot, though it’s not that interesting. Basically, I click on “Save” and nothing happens:

Closing the dialog box (whether through “Cancel” or the “x” button) doesn’t save it - I come back in, and it’s the original name.

Nothing interesting in the event logs so far as I could tell - just standard “Deleted 3 items”, “Started File Recording”, that sort of thing. No errors.