Cant use 2 Logitech HD 510, only one

I use NetCam Studio. Connected 2 HD Logitech 510 the program is not able to simultaneously use two cameras only one. The image is displayed only from one camera. Why can’t the program connect to two same cameras at the same time

Hi there,
Yes, you are unfortunately correct. NCS was developed from WebcamXP/7 but to focus on IP cameras. In the chosen program language for NCS it is a limitation when it comes to USB cameras that use the same driver. NCS can not create multiple instances with the same driver. Therefore, you only see one of cameras. We recommend to use Webcam in these situations.
However, are there ways around this? Here are some workarounds that users have tested and that might work. Install an external usb card used for one of the cameras. Use usb2 and usb3 ports. Install an older driver for one of the cameras. Uninstall the device (imaging device) and detect it again to a general USB device which use another driver.
I am actually doing the last example for two Logitech c270 which works fine for me. However, a fix is always a fix.


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