Can't view recordings


My DVR shutdown due to power outage and now I can’t view any recordings. When I use phone/web app and select recordings it just logs me off. When I use the PC client application it specifies that there are hundreds of recordings but none are shown. Is there a way to repair the database or the library so I can see the recordings again?

I can view the recordings via VLC if I browse to the directory using file explorer but it takes forever to locate the correct video this way.



Did you try “Re-index Database” in the Library settings?


Yes, when I try they the Netcam service shuts down after a few minutes then I have to restart it manually. I also tried pointing library to a different path then testing here. Same, videos are recorded but library shows empty. I then pointed library to original path hoping it would re-index but it crashed the Netcam service again.


The crash seems to have corrupted some system files of Netcam Studio. Start with the easy way:
-start the instillation program and do a repair.
-start Netcam and see if that works
-do a re-indexing of the Library if necessary.

If still problems do the following.
-start the installation program and select remove.
-before continuing make sure you have all the information to connect the cameras to NCS since you must do that again.
-go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
-copy the file Lic.dat to a safe place if you have a licensed version.
-keep the Library folder if you want to save recordings and/or backup to a safe place.
-delete rest of the files/folders.
-install Netcam Studio again.
-start and see that it works correct.
-add cameras, copy back Lic.dat, do a re-indexing etc.

Now it should work again.


Hi @Henrik,

Had to go the un-install route but that worked. Upgraded to the latest version while I was at it.

Thanks for your assistance.