Capture/Record with an unique filename



Excuse my bad english, I’m french teacher. I have Netcam studio at my school to see and record activity of one hive (bee’s house). I have 2 webcams but only on camera IP HD (Dlink 2330… not in the list, but I have choose Dlinck 2332 in Netcam studio).

I’m the network administrator but I must use proxy and I can change the firewall policies.

I want to capture (picture) and / or record (movie) sometimes (pictures every minutes for example) and upload it to another website to students can see the bees during holidays.
I think that Dropbox is the good solution to me because it’s public and secure. I don’t want to send to an FTP server because the website’s of my school is instable. I don’t know if another solution and an easy way to see the hive exist.

If it’s possible, I want to personalize the name of the piacture caputured and/or movie to have a single name. At present, I use the timelapse option, but there is always the time in the finename (Timelapse_1_date…). Can I have an filename as TitleUnique.jpg (As it, I’ll can tell to my children, go to this very simple url…).

Do you understand my problem ?

Is ti possible to have the same periodical recording movies (1 minute all the hour, with an unique filename as video.mp4) ?

Another problem : I don’t known why but if I want timelapse with my two cam, nothing is ready, all stop recording.

I have Netcam studio X (x64) v1.2.0.0 with one licence for 16 sources.


You cannot force the local filename to be constantly the the same because it would have some side effects (only 1 file on HDD but multiple entries in the library all with the same image).

Actually the only feature which actually allows to do exactly what you want with a fixed destination name is the FTP approach.

It’s right that maybe for Dropbox it would make sense as well.

Regarding timelapse, an issue as been reported (and confirmed) that timelapse feature alone doesn’t prevent cameras from sleeping / going to idle mode. This will be fixed for the next release / beta.