Change aspect ratio? (My wide angle camera is squashed in netcam studio)

Is there a way to remove a squashing effect from a wide angle camera (amcrest 118.6 degree)to netcam? My other wide angle (hikvision 106 degree) doesn’t squash.

No, this video should pass unaffected. In NCS you are running in Multiview, black background. Can you change to single view and check, white background. Click on the left of the camera icons. Same problem in web client?
Is it same problem with different resolutions?
I have also a Hikvision 106 degrees with no problems.

Hi Henrik, I’m not sure how to change to white background. Single view still has the black background. Also, my issue is with Amcrest camera and not hikvision.

I changed resolution, but I still have the same issue. Although I did notice that in the config for amcrest does have the squashed view:

Could I somehow be getting this feed rather than the wide one?

Here is all the cameras. As you can see, only amcrest is squashed into a perfect square for some reason.


Messing around with settings I got the “config” video to not be squashed, but it’s still squashed in netcam

The left of the camera icons
click in the video and you get single view with white background.
I don’t think that will help here since I think it is the camera that delivers that image. The resolution seems to be 640x480 or something and not 118 deg field of view.
Are you using the correct URL to the camera? What camera is it? If it support ONVIF use the tab for ONVIF Source when you add the camera.

Okay so I added this camera using these settings: _aspect

However it turns out I was right and it’s not getting the right stream so I googled the stream URL and used that and it works great. No squash and quality is very nice.

I also went ahead and tried the ONVIF and that worked too. Should I always use either custom URL or ONVIF rather than the first “network camera” tab?


Use what works best :slight_smile: If camera support onvif use that. That Url ends up in Custom URL.