Change in AlertInterval doesn't reflect in emails intervals

I change AlertInterval value but continue receiving email alerts every other minute…
Can you advice please?

Hi Ed,
Yes, we handle that.

Thanks Henrik!
Any idea when I can expect the update?
Meanwhile it’s impossible to use NetCam notifications…

It’s a new version in the pipeline so maybe this one can be there. Maybe you can set a rule with picture while waiting.

Can you please explain more? How does it help?

When you use notification with AlertInterval you get a summary of all MD with the interval set. If you set a Rule for each cam you get a notification with or without picture from the specific camera immediately when MD occur. My intention was that with the Rule at least you get notified when MD.

Hi Ed,
Now I have tested and it works very fine. I changed to 5 minutes and after 300 seconds I got the summary email. So which version of NCS do you use. I have the latest

Same - the latest 64 bit, Windows 10

Excuse me for bothering - it was my mistake - I had a rule “Send email on motion” enabled - it was the reason for all emails I got…

Excuse accepted :slight_smile: Small details.
Happy that it works!