Chinese cam JN-IP501AR-A-WIFI

Support told me to post here, I have this model of chinese camera JN-IP501AR-A-WIFI Jiuno, but is not in list.

According to the specifications in the link you supported the camera support the standard ONVIF. So when you add the camera to NCS use the tab ONVIF Source.
Good luck!

In addition to what Henrik said, the open source Onvif Device Manager can be pretty handy

I had one particular camera that said it was ONVIF compatible, but it didn’t show up under ONVIF in NCS, and to verify, I found that it didn’t show up in ONVIF Deviced Manager either.

I emailed the company in China and they very quickly sent me an updated firmware over email and it’s worked fine since then.

Yes, ODM is a very good tool for further investigation of ONVIF compliancy and detection of the camera URL.
I am very happy with the response from the Chinese company since that is very rare. If you can let us know the name of the company it would be great for our users.