Chinese OEM IP camera


I would like to ask some help to connect this camera using Webcam XP:

I could connect using other software successfully trough rstp --> rtsp://

Thank you for your kindness and assistance.

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

From the link above I see that the camera support ONVIF. Therefore, I really recommend you to switch to Netcam Studio since it support ONVIF and when adding the camera just use the tab ONVIF source and you will be up and running quickly. The new web client is excellent! :wink: Here you can read more and download NCS.

However, if you insist :slight_smile: on using webcamxp you must use the built in Universal source filter where you can add IP cameras. Do the following in webcamxp
-right click on new camera and select

-right click again and select source settings and you get this

Normally the URL is rtsp://username:password@ipnumber:554/xxxxxxxxx so with your URL above it should be


I hope I got it correct. Or test to use rtsp that you provided.

If you are going to connect more IP sources you need to enable Multiple Instance support in the lower left corner.

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