Cleanup Rule: Clean Synchronized Item Only?

In the Library settings there is a Cleanup Rule with a checkbox “Clean Synchronized Items Only”. I am synchronizing using FTP to a NAS. If the box is not checked it seems that is copies all files in the Library to the NAS and reorganize them with folders in time of the day which is fine. It is not affected by retention period or Max library size. If I mark that checkbox does it mean that it uses the cleanup rule (retention/max lib size) on the synchronized files on my NAS only and NOT on the Library on my hard disk? I am a little bit confused about the word “Only” ;).

Hi! It affects your local library. If this checkbox is checked, it does remove only those files which were already copied to your NAS.

That was not what I expected, but smart! I will check that immediately! However, if I may suggest an alternative text it might be “Delete synchronized items from Library”. Or you can have “Clean Synchronized Items”. Skip Only which makes at least me confused, but that’s rather easy ;).