Cleverloop camera set up

Hi, I have had a cleverloop system set up for a number of years, but they haven’t worked for a while since the company went out of business.
So I have tried to add the cameras to the netcam studio.
they appear in the ONVIF source, but nothing happens when I click on get profiles.

Are you able to direct me to where I find the correct custom URL to set them up?


There is an old and a new version of ONVIF and NCS support only the new version. I assume you have added correct logins. If the camera support ONVIF you can download ONVIF Device Manager. From that program you can get the URL as rtsp://xxxxxxx and use it in the tab for Custom URL.

However, a search on cleverloop and rtsp gave the following:
Add cameras by the tab for Custom URL.
Set stream type to rtsp_tcp
In Address write:

If you login to the camera maybe you can configure what´s transmitting on ch0. Usually there is also a ch1.